A pair of Dell Precision workstations have undergone testing in SiSoftware's Sandra benchmark suite. The database entries for the 7875 Tower (Dell 00RP38) and 7875 Tower (Dell 00RP38) reveal the specifications of the next generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro CPUs. While the 32-core 7975WX model was leaked a few weeks ago, the Sandra benchmark database has now been updated with additional scores. The newly leaked 7995WX sample is gaining a lot of attention. It appears to have 96 Zen 4 cores and 192 threads (via SMT), with a maximum single-core boost clock of 5.14 GHz. Tom's Hardware is particularly interested in the benchmark data that shows the CPU has a 3.2 GHz all-core turbo frequency.

The CPU has 12 CCDs onboard, with a combined total of 384 MB of L3 cache. Each CCD has access to 32 MB of L3 cache. Therefore, Wccftech believes that this chip is based on the Genoa SP5 die and will adopt the top 8-channel and SP5 socket platform. The chip also features 96 MB of L2 cache, and the top clock speed was reported at 5.14 GHz. On the other hand, the previously benchmarked Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7975WX CPU is slightly less exciting. It has 32 Zen 4 cores, 64 threads, 128 MB of L3 cache, and 32 MB of L2 cache. According to older information, this model is believed to have a TDP rating of 350 W and apparent clock speeds peaking at 4.0 GHz. Wccftech speculates that this frequency reflects an all-core boost. They have produced several comparative performance charts and further analysis, which are definitely worth checking out.